Guzman Sport Karate and Kickboxing

Voted Best Martial Arts in Las Cruces

Voted Best Martial Arts in Las Cruces

Guzman’s Passion for Las Cruces is to Make it a Better Place

The Las Cruces community voted and the tallies are in; Guzman Sport Karate Kickboxing has been named the Reader’s Choice Best Martial Arts School in Las Cruces for another year.

Winning multiple times, how does one accomplish this? It’s staff, instructors, students and the community, says Sensei Eli Guzman, owner of Guzman Sport Karate Kickboxing. It’s his staff and instructors who see and believe in his vision for growing the community and making it a better place. It’s his student’s commitment to discipline and respect for the process and skill that goes into martial arts. It’s the community who give Guzman his drive and determination to do something better, make something great and to change lives within Las Cruces.

Guzman’s dojo doesn’t just focus on the technique in regards to martial arts, but each student studies the discipline, respect and honor that comes with the long tradition of martial arts. “It’s not just about getting a black belt,” says Guzman, “but making it a way of life.” Students are taught values of discipline and self-confidence. They are encouraged to set goals and are mentored in a way to facilitate accomplishing those goals.

A huge part of what Guzman does and what he believes in, is giving back to the community. Not just by teaching children and adults how to stay active and to believe in themselves, but by sponsoring students who can’t afford classes, or donating his time in community efforts. “I want to help people who are in need,” says Guzman, “it’s all about standards of people and increasing those standards.” Guzman believes that anything can be accomplished if you are willing to put in the time and effort, and at Guzman’s, if you have the drive he will push and guide you into becoming the person you want to be.

At Guzman’s dojo you will learn martial arts, but you will also receive a mentor, life coach, friend and problem solver. Guzman and his instructors are there because they have a passion to change lives. Guzman says he is “always trying to bring back the best in our community and teach values.” Students in Guzman’s dojo greet their instructors with a bow and address them as sir and ma’am. Students also begin lessons by saying affirmations aloud, such as “Yes I can.” Guzman wants people in the community to believe in themselves and that they can accomplish anything.

Guzman currently has over 200 students, about 70 percent of those being children. However, Guzman is planning to not only open a second location, Guzman’s Muay Thai Kickboxing, but also begin more classes to bring in more adults. Guzman’s goal is to open three to four dojos within the surrounding area.

Guzman wants to thank the community and his large community following for their continued support and for voting his dojo the best in Las Cruces. Guzman and his staff know that it is all about his team working together with the community to make Las Cruces a better place to work, live and play.

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